Providing the best machinery can be highly valuable in various industries.

Our range of items is diverse and caters to customers from various industries. We serve customers from workshops, garages, sheet-metal businesses, wood-working enterprises, and more.

Our products are designed to meet the needs of professionals across different sectors.

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Looking for high-quality machinery? With 40+ years of experience, we provide top-notch equipment for various industries.

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One of our most important goals is to offer the best technology at world class quality at the most reasonable prices.

The word quality to us not only means the level of performance but also the excellence in design, aesthetic values and prompts after-sale service. We believe in complete customer satisfaction from the word MOVE, i.e. from the time an inquiry is floated to the time an order is executed and finally till the customer scarps the machines after decades of use.

We cover a wide area of Indian Market thru our Three Offices based in different locations. Because of such a Tremendous Network for last so many years, we are able to have a Healthy Customer Satisfaction.

Secondly we also do Direct Exports to Nearby Countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, The Gulf Belt & African Continent to add.

It won’t be possible to define our List of Items we deal in. Rather we would say that we cater customers from all over the Industry viz. Workshop, Garage, Sheet-Metal, Wood-Working, etc.

Besides these above products, we also act as per the customer requirement by studying what he wants and then offering him the same at very competitive prices.

We offer a diverse range of items for workshops, including tools, equipment, safety gear, storage solutions, and more.

Our product range serves both professionals and hobbyists with high-performance items designed for durability.

For sheet-metal businesses, we offer a variety of tools and equipment tailored to their needs.

Wood-working enterprises can find a range of tools and equipment to meet their requirements.

Yes, we can provide customized solutions tailored to specific industry needs.

Yes, we export to nearby countries including Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, the Gulf Belt, and the African continent.


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